Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Activated Charcoal Bar Soap: Review

yes to charcoal bar

Charcoal is a new famous beauty ingredient used in many skincare products especially you heard a lot about charcoal mask but I am not reviewing any mask today. I will be reviewing Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Activated Charcoal Bar. Yes to is a company which makes quality skincare products. Yes to tomato charcoal bar has 95 % natural ingredients in it.

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NYX Powder Puff Lippies: Review & Swatches

nyx powder puff lippies

Lipstick is a best friend of every girl/ woman. Whenever you want to look fresh you can apply lipstick for instant result. Today I will be reviewing NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie. This range includes total 8 lippies from neutral to vibrant shades. I have 2 shades named as Best Buds and Squad Goals. These 2 are the only shades in this range which I liked. Lets discuss further about all the details.

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Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base: Review & Swatches

i love stage eyeshadow base

Most of the girls like using concealer as an eyeshadow base but I always prefer eyeshadow primer or base because I feel eyeshadow base does work well for that specific area. Today I will be reviewing Essence I Love stage Eyeshadow Base. My absolute favorite eyeshadow primer is luscious angel eyes eyeshadow primer which I already reviewed, you can check that here if you haven’t yet. This essence eyeshadow base comes with another variant as well called I love Intensifying that is for intense color.

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