DIY: How To Get Soft And Silky Lips

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As we all know winters is finally started after such a long delay in most parts of country and where we enjoy winters with all the warm stuff and delicious hot food, it  also takes a lot of dryness for us. In return we get dry face, hands and feet mostly. So we all experienced chapped lips in winters. Because air in the winter is dry which makes our whole body dry but lips are more

sensitive and delicate thats why more prone to weather. We apply lots of lip balms but in return balms only did not giving the desired results. This is happens because our lips are not exfoliated well. Like our face lips also needs exfoliation to get new smooth layer of skin.


What is Exfoliation

In simple words exfoliation is the process where we remove dead skin. As we all know the importance of exfoliation of  face where we should have to remove the dead layer of the skin. Same is the case with lips. We have to remove dead dried skin from lips to get soft and silky lips. There are many scrubs available in market to exfoliate lips. But in this post  I will share the most easy way  to exfoliate in few seconds as we become more lazy when it comes to personal grooming.

how to get soft lips

Things We Needed

  • Tooth brush
  • Water


Take a soft straight bristle brush. Its better to get new seperate tooth brush for hygiene purpose but you can also use your own tooth brush. Now wet your lips with a splash of water and also wet your tooth brush. Then rub tooth brush on lips gently without hurting your lips in circular motion for about 20 seconds. This will remove all the dead skin from lips in no time. Now dry them up with towel and apply any lip balm or  vaseline whatever you use to moisturize well. If you do not have any balm so you can also apply glycerin or coconut oil. Use this procedure once a week.


  • It removes dead skin cells
  • It gives smooth and silky  lips
  • It gives plumpy effect to lips
  • It gives fresh look to lips


  • Do not try this procedure if you have cut or any damage to your lips
  • Do not pull your dead skin with fingers or teeth from your lips
  • Do apply lip balm whenever you feel dryness  especially at night

Hope this post will helpful for you. If you have any queries do comment  below.

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