DIY: Minimize Pore with 2 Natural Ingredients

natural pore minimizer

Hey lovelies

most of you are suffering from open pores which is a common issue with oily skin type. There are many reasons of open pores but whatever the reason is we can minimize them with natural home remedies. Today I will give you the most easy and instant pore minimizing recipe. In this recipe we only need 2  ingredients which are readily available at  home. So without any delay here it is a quick tip:


  • Tomato                                                               1
  • Honey                                                                  1/4 tsp

natural pore minimizer

What To Do?

First of all wash your face to. Then cut a tomato ( preferably small ) into  half  and pour  honey on it and rub gently on whole face more focus on open pores for about 45 seconds almost. After rubbing  leave it on your face for about  10 minutes so the tomato juice sinks in and give better results. Then wash your face with plain water and immediately you will see the results. Your pores will shrink. Do not rub for more time as it will irritate your skin. May you feel redness afterwards it if you have sensitive skin but after sometime it will vanish. Then apply your moisturizer. Do not waste other half piece of tomato safe it for next day application. You can use this recipe whenever you need but do not use it daily as excess of anything is bad. It will also help to brighten up your skin and moisturize it

 Importance Of Tomato

Tomato is widely use in our dishes as a vegetable but it’s actually a fruit. It has a lot of benefits.

  • It contains vitamin C
  • It has cooling properties
  • It is acidic in nature

So because of some above properties it is beneficial for skin. Its reduces oil from skin and shrink open pores.

Importance Of Honey

Honey can be use in many ways  as it has many benefits for skin.

  • It  is natural moisturizer for skin
  • It has an antibacterial properties

With these  benefits honey moisturizes skin and clear up pores deeply.

Do try this tip hope it will work for you and feel free to ask any question related to this I will definitely reply you.

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