Clazona Beauty 24 Hours Matte Lipgloss: Review & Swatches

clazona matte lipsticks

Hey Beauties

As we all are craving for liquid lipsticks now a days so I come up with inexpensive lipsticks review. I heard a lot about clazona 24 hour matte lipgloss from sweet bloggers and want to try these badly so finally got my hands on clazona beauty lipsticks. I got 6 shades in total numbers are 501, 503, 522, 523, 524 and 541.

This is a local brand and highly popular as these are dirt cheap liquid lipsticks. These  matte lipglosses worked same as liqiud lipsticks that’s why known as liqiud lipsticks.

It ranges from nude to bold lip stains. When talking about nudeshades then it contains good variety of nude shades mostly suitable for everyone. When it comes to bold shades which are also nice shades but one should have to choose wisely as it is not suitable for every skin tone.


clazona matte lipsticks

Clazona Beauty 24 Hour Matte Lipgloss

Nothing fancy about packaging. It comes with simple small clear plastic tubes with black cap and has doe-footed sponge applicator. Only shade numbers are mentioned on bottom of the tube as well as on the side. Expiry date is also mentioned.

My Thoughts

clazona matte lipsticks

Clazona Beauty 24 Hour Matte Lipgloss

As the name suggests 24 hour matte lipgloss so these are long wearing lipsticks. The formula is not at creamy side nor runny but has a good consistency which is smooth to apply without much effort. Formula is well pigmented so single coat is enough to get the shade that’s why no need to layer it up. If you apply more than once then it will create mess. It does not feel heavy on lips.

It dries out quickly and after drying some of its shades gets 2 to 3 tones darker then the original shade. So need to choose these shades wisely. As shade 523, 501 and 524 gets quite darker which I don’t like. Shade 523 is my favorite shade but after applying shade gets darker and not suiting me much but same shade suits my cousin a lot so it means difference in complexion and shape of lips.

It dries out completely into matte finish. It stays almost 8 hours or whole day  with eating drinking both and does fade off little. So overall wear ability is great  where  many renowned  brands fails to provide. It has a strong chemical like smell while applying afterwards flies away. It can be removed well with any oil like coconut or olive oil.

It does not dry out your lips as many matte lipsticks do but its always good to hydrate your lips before application of any lipstick as I do. So it will not flake your lips.

I actually love this product as it is of good quality at such price.

Shade Description

clazona matte lipsticks

Clazona Beauty 24 Hours Matte Lipsticks Swatches with Shade Numbers


Starting from the top

524:  This is maroonish kind of a shade with pink undertones compliments fair to medium complexion.

503: This is bright red shade which compliments to every complexion

541: This is shocking pink shade which looks good on fair complexion

501: This is deep brown shade with warm undertone and suits fair to medium skin tone

522: This is peach shade with cool undertone and compliments to our Pakistani skin tone a lot

523: This is a warm pinky brown kind of a shade suits almost every complexion.

I m not too good in explaining colors so hope it works for you people 🙂


  • inexpensive
  • wide shade range
  • easy to remove
  • pigmented
  • light on lips
  • highly matte finish


  • some shades gets darker
  • annoying smell



Price & Availibility

Its price fluctuates from 190 to 250 PKR depending on the area. It is available in local market.

I highly recommend this product to every Pakistani girl as you know be Pakistani and buy Pakistani 🙂

Its actually worth the hype.

Hope you will like this review and can openly give your feedback in the comment section below.

14 thoughts on “Clazona Beauty 24 Hours Matte Lipgloss: Review & Swatches

  1. Zemi says:

    Some people say these lipsticks have high amount of lead and they make lips darker after use. Hows ur experience? Are they safe to use?


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