8 Must Have Beauty Products In Your Bag

must have beauty products

Hey beauties

            how are you? Hope everything is well at your side. Today I am going to tell you about eight beauty products that must be in your handbag. Actually our handbag 👜 contains so many products (which is our well 😂😂) but being specific I picked up very few most important products.

For no further delay lets start.

Tissues & Wet wipes

must have beauty products

First item is tissues and wet wipes which are most important things that must have in your bag. Tissues can be used blotted papers as well and absorbs all the oil from face. Wet wipes used to freshen up you immediately. So basically these are multi purpose items  and I remember that these were always in my bag since my school time. These are cool & cool perfumed tissues and hankies refreshing wipes.

Pressed Powder

must have beauty products

Second must have product is pressed powder which is used to set your foundation and controls oil. Rimmel stay matt is the cult favourite product of many girls and it is suitable for all skin types. When you are outside home and feeling your skin is oily/sweaty so you can apply this powder and enjoy matte skin again. I like this pressed powder shade (006 warm beige) but you can use any of the pressed powder of your choice.

Blushmust have beauty products

Third one is a blush which is the most important item to give immediate flush to your skin. Makeup Revolution have a good range of blushes from pinks to corals. You can choose according to your choice. I recommend mauvy pink kind of shades because I feel these type of shades gives a very natural color to your cheeks. Whenever you feel that your face become dull open your bag, pick up your blush, apply and enjoy rosy blushed cheeks. This one is Makeup revolution blush in now.


must have beauty products

Fourth beauty product is brush which plays a vital role in your whole makeup look. With good brush you can make a difference. Keep a soft bristle brush which can be used for blush as well as for powder application. Bh cosmetics have good range of brush sets. The one I suggest is Bh cosmetics 113 from sculpt and blend set.

Lip Balm

must have beauty products

Fifth product  which I think you all girls already have in your bags. Yes I am talking about lip balm. Maybelline baby lips is one of my favorite balm which hydrates lip very well. We always keep a good hydrating balm in our bag to prevent chapped lips. For full review of baby lips electro pop in pink shock click here.

Lipstick/ lipgloss

must have beauty products

Now sixth item in the list is lipsitck/ lipgloss. It will give you fresh look with less effort. Do keep any of your favorite shade in bag and whenever you feel a need of it you can apply.  Essence matt matt matt lipgloss is a good quality gloss with velvety formula in pinkish brown kind of a shade with pocket friendly price tag.

Hand Cream

must have beauty products

Seventh product is a hand cream. As with weather conditions our skin condition also changes so its good to have hand cream in your bag to keep your hands moisturize as well because we mostly take good care of our face but ignore our hands. Cien moisturizing hand cream with almond oil and shea butter moisturize hand so well for a longer period of time. Little drop of it is enough for both hands and does not make them greasy.


must have beauty products

Finally the last product is deodorant which is extremely important especially in summers . So do keep a good travel size anti-perspirant in your bag to smell always good. Sure deodorant with scent of strawberry & apricot stays long and keeps you fresh for long hours.

Hope you girls like❤ this post. Do give your feedback in comment box. What are your must have beauty products in handbag?

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