L.A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Orange Corrector: Review & Swatch

L. A Girl Orange CorrectorHey dreamers

                           how are you all? As you know color correcting is considered a very important step in recent years. Through color correcting you will get a flawless skin. There are several common correctors to correct specific discoloration which include yellow, green, orange and peach.

Today I will be reviewing the most hyped L.A pro conceal in orange. It is actually an orange corrector to hide dark circles and any discoloration that is in brown color. These are supposed to be the high definition drug store concealer  with a cheap price tag.

So lets start:


Nothing so fancy about packaging. This concealer comes in plastic tube with screw on lid. It has a brush applicator which is easy to use and you can get the desired amount without wasting it. You have to press the tube so that the product comes out.

L. A Girl Orange Corrector

Packaging of L. A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Orange Corrector

​My Experience

I do not have stubborn dark circles but still have to correct the discoloration that I have under my eyes because who does not want flawless face. L.A pro conceal orange corrector is a very dark burnt orange kind of a shade which is actually for those who have extreme dark circles but I chose this because I thought that peach concealer might not works well for me ( here I tell you that peach corrector is a light version of orange one). It has  a very thick consistency and highly pigmented. So you can imagine a very little amount goes a long way. That’s why you have to be very careful while applying this corrector because if you apply more you will end up looking like an orange.

L. A Girl Orange Corrector

Brush Applicator of L. A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Orange Corrector

L. A Girl Orange Corrector

Swatch of L. A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Orange Corrector

​So just apply a tiny bit under your eyes and blend it with any beauty blender. Do remember that you have to dab it  so that product finely absorbs into your skin. Then set it with loose or pressed powder if you do not use any concealer on it. If you want to apply concealer on top of it then follow your foundation routine, apply concealer on it and then set it with powder. I usually do not apply concealer on it normally but I do apply brightening concealer on special events for more flawless finish. Its totally up to you according to your skin condition.

Tube actually looks small in real but as I told you it has a great pigmentation and thickness so less amount is enough.

It is a very amazing drugstore concealer with such a good pigmentation and high definition. So I am very happy to purchase this product.

Price & Availability

Its price varies from 550 Pkr to 750 Pkr. I bought it from beautybar on eid sale at 495 Pkr.

Net Weight

0.28 OZ ( 8g )


  • great pigmentation
  • little quantity is enough
  • fine brush applicator
  • matte finish
  • great coverage
  • easy to apply
  • does not crease


  • sometimes you have to squeeze hard to get the desired amount

I highly recommend this product to all of you and you will never regret to buy it. Do tell me about your favorite concealer/ corrector? Have you tried any of the L.A girl concealer or corrector yet and how is your experience?  Would love to hear from you.

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