14 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Hair

14 things that damaging hairHi lovelies

Today I am going to discuss about hair mistakes that you are doing without knowing its consequences. Most of us are too lazy to take care of ourselves. There are many of us who do take care of their skin but fully ignore hair but we have to take good care of our entire body which is a precious gift of Allah to us. Without any further delay lets start:

1.Washing hair frequently

This is a most common misunderstanding that washing your hair daily is a good way to keep them clean but its not true this eventually vanishes off your natural oil from scalp which will make your hair rough. So try to wash your hair three to four times a week according to your hair type.

2.Use towel harshly to dry

After washing your hair do not try to dry them with towel harshly it will make friction in hair which is damaging for hair strands. Just pat dry smoothly.

3.Skipping conditioner/ use wrongly

Shampooing is not enough to clean them up. Conditioning is very important step like you wash your face and then moisturize it in same way conditioner works for your hair. Shampoo removes dirt and oil where conditioner moisturize hair to control dryness.

Firstly conditioner is not meant for roots and scalp so you have to apply from middle of the hair to the tip. Secondly use it after shampoo, leave it for 1 to 2 mins and then rinse off. There is a difference in normal conditioner and leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioner as the name suggests are meant to leave on hairs till next wash.

4.Excessive use of heating tools

Who does not like sleek straight hairs or curly wavy look but you have to keep in mind that excessive use of heat will damage your hair badly if you are using heat protection spray still it will damage your hair (if you use heat tools daily). So avoid the use of straightening irons everyday and opt for heatless hair styles.

5.Combing wet hair

Wet hair are more soft and weak to comb. So wait until they dry and then comb properly.

6.Detangling from root to tip

Hair loss is a common problem for everyone mostly so sometimes there is a problem in our technique. If you start detangling your hair from root to tip they are more prone to break. So first start detangling from tip and in parts move upwards in this way you detangle hair smoothly.

7.Avoid trimming

Mostly girls want long length hair that’s why avoid trimming and believe that trimming will cut down length but actually trimming gives you healthy fresh hair and you will get rid of split ends. It is very necessary for normal hair growth.

8.Avoid oiling

Avoid oiling is a wrong decision ever. Natural products may give slow results but they are more effective than artificial products. There is no replacement for oil so start using oil at least once a week if you already have  an oily scalp then skip using on scalp and apply on medium length.

9.Applying shampoo directly on hair

Applying shampoo directly on hair is not a good idea. Mix shampoo and water together mix well to make leather then apply on scalp and rub to remove dirt properly. Never rub shampoo on roots or medium length because  rinsing of shampoo is enough to clean them up.

10.Frying your wet hairs

Never ever use that straightening iron on hair which suggests damp hair straightening because its actually frying your hair and way more damaging.

11.Stretching hairs in tight high ponytails

I just love high ponytails and so do you right? But always stretching hair in tight ponytails is so damaging for hair. It will cause breaking of hair from root.

12.Excessive use of chemicals on hairs

Do not opt for rebonding, keratin and hair coloring etc excessively. It will damage your hair to a large extent because these treatments include strong chemicals.

13.Selection of wrong hair products

Select products according to your hair type because selecting wrong products have an adverse effect on your hair.

14.Combing hair too much

Combing hair is a good practice to keep your hair tangle free but you know excess of anything is bad that’s why do not comb your hair every time.

I am not a hair expert these are the things I have learned to take care of my hairs. Secondly a balance diet is very essential beside all the above mentioned points. Do visit your doctor if  you are having serious hair issues.

Do give your feedback in the comment section below. What are your hair care tips and things to do for healthy hairs? 

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