Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer: Review & Swatches

eye primer

Today I am here to review Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer/ BaseBasically eyeshadow primer holds the shadow for a longer period, controls oil and prevent creasing. It is very important to use eye primer before eye makeup.

Product description

The guardian for your eye makeup. A smooth, lightweight, and matte formula that creates the perfect canvas for long lasting eye makeup application. Glides onto eyelids without dragging and acts like a magnet for eyeshadow and eyeliner, ensuring true and vibrant color results that stay in place without creasing.


The primer comes in a cardboard package with purple squeezy plastic tube with a nozzle which makes it easy to get desired amount. Font on it is golden and little heart shows the actual shade of the primer.

eye primer

Packaging of Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer

eye primer

Packaging of Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer

My experience

The primer is available in only one shade called nude which is dull peach kind of shade. The texture of this primer is smooth and creamy which is easy to blend with fingers. Only a little dot is more than enough for both the eyes. It dries down completely matte within seconds after blending. Still I dab some powder to set it well which is additional step you can skip it. It is not sticky and feels light on eyes. It then hides all the imperfections and visibility of veins. It pops out the shades and blends shadows smoothly. At the end of the day my eye makeup is as fresh as in the morning in melting summers as well and I don’t want to remove my eye makeup yes I am not exaggerating at all 🙂

My darker eye shades never turns more dark which was usually happened to me before using it. Cheap eye shadows also look superb on lids. My eye liner also stays on place.

I just love this product alot and I will surely stick to this primer.

I used essence eyeshadow in shade 56 hyped up for swatches below.

eye primer

Eyeshadow Used For Swatches

eye primer

Swatched Twice on both sides -Left Swatch(with primer) Right Swatch(without primer)

​Net Weight

0.33 oz (10 ml)

Price & availability

I bought it for 875 pkr but now its price is 1050 pkr. It is  available in local drugstores nationwide or you can order it here.


  • blendable
  • dries out matte
  • sets well on the lids
  • doesn’t crease
  • not sticky
  • hold eyeshadow for longer period
  • suitable for every skin tone
  • affordable
  • travel friendly
  • enough amount of product


  • didn’t find any

Girls If you are not having this eyeshadow primer then rush to buy this and thank me later. You will forget your high end ones. Highly highly recommend this product to every girl/ lady who loves to wear makeup because you won’t regret a bit having this product.

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