L.A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Green Color Corrector: Review & Swatch

green color corrector

Hi lovelies

what’s happening at your side? Today I will review L. A girl green color corrector. L. A girl have a wide range of concealers and color correctors with high definition. So we have many options to choose from. 

Green color corrector is used to cancel out redness on the face. So it corrects active acne or pimple as well s redness to get flawless finish.

green color corrector

L.A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Green Color Corrector

My Experience

As many of you knows that I have oily skin which caused me acne vulgaris in recent years which was treated dermatologically. Now my problem is solved but as I have oily skin so I got pimples in summers mostly which needs to correct. I do not use makeup in daily routine so in normal days when I did makeup for shopping etc I did not correct my face. I do correct only on functions to achieve flawless base as pimples gave special appearance in occasions  I do not understand how they came to know about the event before me 😂😂😂

This green color corrector has a medium consistency which is not as thick as l.a pro conceal orange color corrector which I already reviewed which you can check here for more details. It has a light green color with medium pigmentation so you need generous amount of product to correct completely. It has a brush applicator so you can easily apply with that brush directly onto your face. Then dab it with blender so that product sinks in your skin. Then follow your regular foundation routine and if you feel more coverage then apply your favorite concealer and set it with setting or pressed powder. Now you are ready to slay 💁

I just love this corrector because with such cheap price tag you can get a high quality product. It does correct face effortlessly.

One thing you have to keep in mind that basic function of color correctors is to balance out your whole face then you have to apply base and concealer for flawless skin because general thought is that correctors are used to conceal which is a wrong concept. So only concealer is not enough to hides imperfections that’s why correctors are used to neutralize first and then hide that strong color with concealer.

green color corrector

L.A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Green Color Corrector

green color corrector

Swatch of L.A Girl Hd Pro Conceal Green Color Corrector


It retails for 550 pkr.

Do let me know about your experience if you ever used it? Do you relate with me on getting pimples when there is an event in our friends/ family circle?

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