Top 5 Benefits of Mustard Oil

Benefits of mustard oil

Hey girls

Today I am here to share top 5 benefits of mustard oil. Natural oils are best gift of nature we all know that. Talking about mustard oil here which has a countless benefits to our health, hair and skin. It is essential ingredient which is available in our homes. Now let’s have a look on all the five benefits.

1. Cures winter dryness And itching

Mustard oil is the best natural ingredient to cure dryness which leads to itching in winters. After bathing apply little amount of mustard oil on damp skin and massage so that the oil absorbs completely. This will cures dryness and itching as well as makes your skin smooth and shiny.

2. Works as a conditioner

We experience dry, dull and lifeless hairs in winters so mustard oil works best to condition your hairs. What you need to do is apply luke warm/ normal temperature (choice is yours) mustard oil to your hairs leaving scalp before half an hour of shampooing. Then follow your shampoo routine. You will see instant results after drying.

3. Improves scalp Infections

Mustard oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties so you can imagine its benefits. It cures scalp infections which includes dandruff, itching, hair fall and much more. Massage lukewarm oil to your scalp one or two hours before bathing once or twice a week. It will improve your scalp condition.

4. Cure chapped lips

Winters are loved by most of us but it gives us chapped lips as a gift. So apply thin layer of mustard oil to your lips before bed and you will get up with smooth hydrated lips next morning.

5. Stops bleeding from cuts/ wounds

We get cuts and wounds in our daily life especially kids are at more risk. Whenever you or someone at your home gets cut and bleeds a lot just pour few drops of mustard oil from dropper directly on cut it will help to stop bleeding. It will also help in healing wound if apply two to three times a day.

Hope you will find this post helpful and cure your winter problems. Would love to know your favourite natural ingredient to treat your problems.

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