makeup revolution powder blushes

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes: Review & Swatches

makeup revolution blushes

Hey lovelies

hope you are doing well. Today I am here for another review of Make Revolution Powder Blushes. As you all know makeup revolution is well known drugstore brand for its affordable makeup range. Blushes are one important beauty product that every girl must have in her makeup stash. If you are a girl/ woman who is building her makeup collection or want to get quality blushes in a dirt cheap price then continue reading this post. I am reviewing three of the shades named Treat, Now and Sugar


Nothing fancy about the packaging. It comes in a plastic rectangular case with a transparent click lid which is easy to open and close. Shades names are mention below the case.

makeup revolution powder blushes

Packaging Of Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes

My Views

First of all I will give the details of the blushes individually and then final verdict overall.


Treat is a peachy shade with a good pigmentation. You just need to dab the brush on the blush for a decent blushed look. If you swirl your brush hardly on the blush then you will end up looking like a clown lol. It means pigmentation at its best. This blush contains golden chunks of glitter which is only visible in container but does not detectable on cheeks. It fall out little in the pan. This blush powder is not chunky and chalky. It is not patchy and blends smoothly. Formula is soft.

makeup revolution powder blush

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush In Shade Treat

makeup revolution powder blush

Makeup Revolution Of Powder Blush- Treat


It is a dull pink mauvey kind of a shade with a good pigmentation. It contains pink chunks of glitter same like treat and do not transfer on cheeks. It has a minimum fall out as compared to treat. It is not chunky and chalky as well. It is not patchy and blends smoothly same like treat. Its formula is not as soft as other two shades.

makeup revolution powder blush

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush In Shade Now

makeup revolution powder blush

Swatch Of Makeup Revolution Powder Blush- Now


It is a melon rosy kind of a shade with good pigmentation. Unlike treat and now it do not contain any kind of glitter but has a little  sheen to it. A little fall out is noticed in this one too. Its formula is different from the above two shades. It has a butter soft formula and blends more smoothly than the above two. It is not patchy, chunky and chalky. This one is my favorite blush formula wise. I wish all these blushes comes with a same formula like shade sugar.

makeup revolution powder blush

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush In Shade Sugar

makeup revolution powder blush

Swatch Of Makeup Revolution Powder Blush- Sugar

Final Verdict

All these 3 blushes have a very good pigmentation. Formula is smooth and soft but shade now is little hard to touch if it make sense but blends as smoothly as others two. All the 3 shades are matte when applied on cheeks. Shade sugar has the best formula from all of three shades I have. These blushes stayed quite long on me even in summers when my face produce lots of oil. It do gets fade a bit but for the price still good staying power. These all look natural on cheeks when apply light handedly as these are quite pigmented blushes. These are not the best blushes but are of good quality.

You will feel it powdery only if you harshly pick up the powder.

I do not think so that any drugstore blush has this dirt cheap price tag. This is best option for young girls who wants to build their makeup collection but cannot afford products which costs arm and a leg as being a student they do not have enough to spend.

Price & Availability

You can buy these blushes at 225 PKR and is available online at beauty bar here or you can also check on other sites as well.


  • pigmented
  • decent staying power
  • blends smoothly
  • soft formulation
  • affordable
  • good quality
  • not chunky and chalky


  • fall out
  • ordinary packaging
  • difference in formula

I will definitely recommend these blushes to everyone for an everyday makeup. Do let me know what is your experience with these blushes if you tried any? Would love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes: Review & Swatches

  1. Ms Via says:

    OMG the shades are really pretty. All the three blush swatches are gorgeous. Makeup revolution is everywhere and I have not yet got the chance to try even a single product by them. It makes me feel sad. But one day I will. 🙂

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