Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Hydrating Lotion: Review

Hi lovelies

Today I will be reviewing Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Hydrating Lotion. Like our body, our skin also needs good lotion to hydrate. As you know garnier is famous for its skin products generally so let’s jump in to the review of garnier body lotion.

garnier body lotion


This lotion comes up in good quality plastic bottle with a pump. Pump can be locked to avoid any leakage.

garnier body lotion

Packaging Of Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Hydrating Lotion

Product description

Argan & camellia oils

In our new hydrating lotion tailor-made for normal skin, we have 2 precious oils with marvellous virtues. Argan oil known for its skin hydrating properties is combined with camellia oil renowned for its softening and beautifying benefits.

Softer Feeling skin day after day

A light and melt-in lotion with enchanting camellia and amber scents that penetrates instantly so you can get dressed immediately. Your skin is instantly hydrated and radiant. incredibly soft to touch, it looks supple and beautiful day after day.

  • non greasy
  • non sticky
  • no parabens
  • dermatologically tested

My Thoughts

garnier body lotion

Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Hydrating Lotion

I have an oily face and scalp but my skin is normal which tends to get little bit dry in winters that’s why I always use good hydrating lotion which are not greasy. Garnier ultimate blends body hydrating lotion is non greasy and non sticky. Its consistency is not runny like lotions nor thick it is in between. It immediately sinks in to your skin after applying. It makes skin soft and smooth right after the application. You just need a little amount to moisturise your skin. It has an amazing fragrance of camellia flower which is not overpowering but stays for hours which I really love. If you are sensitive to such scents then it may irritate you. I am using this lotion for about 2 months and really loved the results. It does not make your skin extraordinary smooth and silky by regular use but for instant hydration it is good. Pump makes it so easy to get desired amount of product without creating mess and lock avoids any leakage. It is recommended by the company itself that do not apply this lotion on the face.


  • non greasy
  • non sticky
  • dries out immediately
  • flower scent which stays for hours
  • travel friendly
  • comes with a pump
  • pump can be locked
  • paraben free


  • not any

I just love this lotion and would definitely recommend to those who have normal skin.

Have you tried this lotion before? If yes, then how is your experience. Have you tried any other lotion from this range? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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