Summer Eye Look Using Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette

Hi lovelies

Today I am here with another post which is something new on my blog. I decided to share an eye look using inexpensive Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 which I previously reviewed, if you are interested to know my thoughts on it then you can check it here. Now lets start with the look.

eye lookI gave numbers to every eyeshadow so it will be easy for you to understand.

eyeshadow palette for eye look

  1. First of all I primed my eye using essence 2in1 eyeshadow & primer, waited for some time and then set it with the eyeshadow no. 1.
  2. Then I started with transition shade no. 4 and blend it well.
  3. Then layered it up with shade no. 7 from outer to inner corner.
  4. Then I applied shade no. 11 to the outer- v of the eye and then blended little bit towards inner corner.
  5. Afterwards I then applied eyeshadow primer again to the lid where I didn’t applied any shadow to pop up the glittery shadow.
  6. So then I dampen up my brush and took shadow no. 2 first and layered it up with shadow no. 5 for more metallic look.
  7. Again I took eyeshadow no. 2 and applied to the inner corner of the eye to opened up my eye.
  8. Then I applied eyeliner using local water base liner. I kept the eye liner simple and thin as I didn’t used falsies.
  9. Then I applied essence white kohl to my water line.
  10. I mixed up shadow no. 4, 7 and applied to the lower lash line.
  11. At the end, I completed my eye look using two coats of essence volume stylish curl & hold mascara.

summery eye look

summery eye look

summery eye look

I didn’t applied mascara to the lower lashes, which I don’t usually. Do remember that blending is the key to any eye look. So do blend well whenever you are creating any eye look. This is a simple look so you can do this look in day and night as well in summers.

Hope you like this look and remember that I am not a pro. Do let me know your views about this look. Would love to hear from you.

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