Beauty At Home, Post 1: DIY

Hi beauties

how are you all? Ramadan mubarak to all muslim community. Hope your ramadan is going great. So ramadan is here that’s why I want to start a series called Beauty At Home where I will share 4 posts in a month of ramadan for skin and hair care.

hair mask

As you know we need to prepare ourself for the eid and our time started already. So today I will be sharing an easy homemade hair mask for healthy looking shiny hair.

Ingredients We Need

hair mask

Ingredients Of Hair Mask

Egg                                      1

Yogurt                                 2 tbsp

Mustard/ Olive Oil          1 tsp

How To Make

Put all the ingredients in a boil and mix well. Its consistency must not be too thick or too runny, so that it can easily stick to your hair and do not create mess. Apply this mask from root to tip and roll it over your head with the help of clutcher. Leave it for about one hour and wash your hair as you normally do. If you are scared of smell of egg so you can add few drops of vinegar in the water at the end when you are left with some water and rinse your hair with it. If you still smell egg then use good conditioner. If you are still not satisfied then you can spritz perfume on your brush and brush your dry hair. I think these are too many options but I always use egg on my hair so I do not feel that the smell is overpowering.

Always remember if you are using this hair mask in winters then use normal temperature water otherwise egg white will turn into thick gel with the use of hot water and it will hard to remove.

This will make your hair look shiny, healthy and glossy. So it will treat dry hairs as well. But If you want best results then try it once a week till eid and you will enjoy your healthy looking hair on eid.

Hope you will enjoy the series and it will help you in your eid preparations. For my non muslim followers you can use this mask for your special occasions. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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