Hi girls

hope you are having great time. As eid is near so now we need to fasten our seatbelts for preparation flight. Today it’s a time for post 3 of the series BEAUTY AT HOME. Most of the time we give alot of care to our hair and face but ignore our feet which does add negative impact to our personality. So now on this eid we will give our time and special treatment to the feet as well.

how to pedicure at home

Today I will be sharing how to pedicure at home with simple ingredients. This will make your feet baby soft and smooth.

Things we need

Hot water                                   1 liter approximately in which your feet can soak easily

Salt                                               1 teaspoon

Mild shampoo                          1 blob

Olive oil                                      1/2 teaspoon

White vinegar                          1 teaspoon


Pumice stone/ brush

Body moisturiser/ foot cream

Nail cutter/ filer

foot scrub ( optional)

how to pedicure at home

Things to need in pedicure: salt, white vinegar, olive oil, shampoo, foot scrub and body moisturiser


Take a mild hot water in a tub which your feet can bear. Now add salt, shampoo, olive oil and  white vinegar in it. Mix it well and dip your feet in this mixture for about 45 minutes approximately, if your skin is more hard so you need to give more time to smooth it like 1 hour is more than enough for any kind of hard skin. If you have foot scrub apply it on to damp foot and massage well giving more time to hard skin but if you do not have foot scrub no problem just use pumice stone on hard skin and rub off all your dead skin but do not be harsh as it will hurt you. Now cut off your nails if needed but be careful while cutting to prevent any injury. Clean your nails and file them as well. Now in the end, apply your regular body moisturiser/ foot cream or vaseline and massage well so that it sinks in skin properly. You can also use olive oil. Massage moisturiser onto your cuticles as well. Try to do this procedure at night so your feet get some rest and keep the moisture in. I do not use socks as I massage well.

No doubt this procedure will take time and effort but firstly it is really inexpensive and secondly your feet will be thankful to you. You will get baby soft feet in return. You do not need to wait for hours for your turn like in salons and save some bucks as well. Do try this pedicure at home this eid and let me know your views about it.

Hope you will like this post and enjoying the overall series as well. Do let me know if you ever did your pedicure by yourself. Would love to know about your experience.


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