Beauty At Home, Post 4: Manicure

Hi beauties

hope you will be fit and fine. As eid is almost here so today I will be sharing last post of the series BEAUTY AT HOME. I shared pedicure procedure in last post which you can check here if you haven’t already.

Today I will share easy manicure procedure. Many girls do take good care of their hands by applying moisturisers but sometimes we need something extra for better condition of our hands.  Some spend money and time in beauty salons. So here is an effective manicure procedure with simple ingredients. Now let’s start our manicure;)

manicure at home

Things to need

for hand soaking & moisturising

Olive oil                                                                   1 teaspoon

Baby shampoo/ body wash                            1/2 teaspoon

Hand cream/ body moisturiser

Mild warm water


Hand towel

Nail cutter


manicure at home

Things To Need ( olive oil, baby shampoo, brush, nail cutter moisturiser & towel)

For scrubbing

Honey                                             1 teaspoon

Granulated sugar                       1 teaspoon

Water                                              few drops

manicure at home

Things To Need ( honey, granulated sugar & water)


Hand Soaking

If you are wearing nail paint then remove it first. Now cut and file your nails if needed. Then soak your hands in the water mixture for 5 to 10 minutes and dry them with the towel. Now clean your nails and cuticles with the help of brush.


Now it’s a time to scrub your hands. So make a mixture of honey, sugar and water. Now apply on your hands and massage in a smooth circular motion on knuckles, fingers and back of your hands for 3 minutes on both the hands in total. Now remove the mixture using tap water and again dry your hands. Now apply your favourite hand cream or any body lotion and massage well so all the moisture absorbs in.

You can make it more organic and chemical free by using few drops of olive oil, coconut oil and glycerin as a moisturiser. Give a good massage so that all the oil soaks in and remove extra moisture with the help of towel. Now enjoy your eid with your soft and smooth hands.

You will definitely love this manicure and want to try it again and again for sure. Would love to know your experience if you ever had manicure at home.

Hope you liked the series. Do let me know if you want these kind of series in future. Enjoy your eid and spread love.

7 thoughts on “Beauty At Home, Post 4: Manicure

  1. geniussr says:

    Great post Asma. Being a busy mom i don’t get a time to go to salon and at home i get lazy sometimes, this way my hands mostly get neglected. Your simple manicure 💅 motivates me to pamper my hands atleast once in a while…thanks❤️


  2. NunziaDreams says:

    These are all really good tips, Asma! The scrubbing mixture sounds really nice. I’m gonna have to try this out to pamper myself a little bit. I’ve actually never gotten my nails done/a manicure at the salon! Don’t know why, I just haven’t gotten around to it I guess lol I usually do them at home, but I’d like to add this into my routine. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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