My Miniso Haul

Hi beauties

Hope you all are doing good. Today I am here with a most exciting post which is about Miniso haul. All of you must be familiar with the name Miniso but if you still do not know then its a Japanese designer brand which is famous for low cost quality products.

miniso haul

Now Miniso opened its branches in Pakistan and I watched tons of videos on youtube on miniso hauls of different youtubers. So I selected many things before visiting there but unfortunately didn’t got many of the things.

I am too lazy to share my hauls but this is something special. The stuff at miniso is so cute that you cannot resist to buy less. Now lets start with the haul.

Soft cotton pads

miniso haul

First of all I got these soft cotton pads. This zip lock bag contains 180 thick layered cotton sheets which are so soft to touch and gentle on skin.

Price: 249

cotton pads

miniso haul

Next I got these non-woven fabric cotton pads which comes with a plastic box and it contains 1000 sheets. If you are a makeup and skincare junkie then you must know the importance of cotton pads in a girl’s life. Box is made up of good plastic so it will makes it easy to use cotton pad and then close the box to protect other pads.

Price: Rs 249

cleansing wipes

miniso haul

Now this is the last cleansing product I promise😉😉. These are aloe cleansing wipes. It is a lid pouch contains 35 wipes which protect the wipes from drying. As most of the wipes comes with a normal tear up pouch in which wipes get dried easily. These wipes gently removes the makeup without drying skin.

Price: Rs 349

Cosmetic bag

miniso haul

This is in a cosmetic bag in a dull blue color. It has a fine quality but what attracts me more is its price as I never find any makeup pouch at this price not even in a local market.

Price: Rs 249

hair brush

miniso haul

This is a soft massage silicone hair brush which I bought for my mother. It will massage your head and makes you feel relax.

Price: Rs 249

Lovely headband

miniso haul

This is a wide-brimmed rabbit ear headband. This is in a faded yellow color. So soft to touch which I will use in doing makeup and skin care session. It is bit tight on head but I think it will be loose after some uses.

Price: Rs 249

Earphones case

miniso haul

This is a yellow color earphone case with a roll-up plate. So all you can do is roll your earphones over plate and put it in this case. So you can protect your earphones even in your bag.

Price: Rs 119

facial sheet masks

miniso haul

These are the products I am most excited about. These facial sheet masks comes in a deal of 2 which is a great deal as you know you will never find sheet masks at this price. So I picked 4 sheet masks in total.

Price: 2 for Rs 249 (total Rs 498)

hyaluronic acid essence toner

miniso haul

Next thing is this toner which is not a normal toner, it is an essence toner. It is transparent, you have to apply an appropriate amount of this toner after cleansing and massage it for complete absorption as directed at the back of the bottle.

Price: Rs 249

Short passport holder & metal buckle suitcase strap

miniso haul

Now these two things I got as a gift. They offer you freebies on a purchase of Rs 1000 and above. One is a passport holder and other is metal buckle suitcase strap.


Passport holder: Rs 249

Metal buckle strap: Rs 349

Do let me know If you had visited miniso? What did you got from there? What excited you most about miniso?

Hope you liked this post. Would love to get your feedback. If you want a review on any of the above products comment down below.

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