Miniso Moisturizing Facial Masks: Review

Today I am here to review facial sheet masks. As you know that Korean beauty is growing fast in beauty industry and many girls are raving about it. Many of them follow Korean skin care routine. Sheet masks are very commonly used in Korean skin care. These masks are very handy when you are travelling.

When I shared my miniso haul I got alot of dms on instagram to review these facial masks. I was also excited to try these facial sheet masks. By the way if you haven’t checked my miniso haul yet then here you go.

miniso sheet mask

My thoughts

I got 4 masks in total which are in a deal of two. You can pick any 2 of your choice. This range doesn’t include many masks, I guess these are six in total. Packaging is simple yet good. All the details are mentioned on the pack. I first pick the one with hyaluronic acid because my skin was craving for that😄😄.

miniso sheet mask

miniso sheet mask

miniso sheet mask

miniso sheet mask

Now the size of the mask is regular which fits on every face size. Mask sheet dipped in an essence pretty well and I didn’t found any dripping. Sheet is easy to open and use. If you are new to sheet mask thing then also you can use it easily. Sheet have a soft texture.

Now let’s discuss about its performance and results. If you haven’t already know that sheet masks are suggested to use in your night care routine because this need to be absorb into your skin deeply. Will share another post on sheet mask usage. First you need to cleanse your face properly and then apply facial mask. You need to leave it for 10 to 15 mins and then put it off. All of these sheet masks which I tried are moisturizing masks. 3 of these claims smoothen fine lines. These masks hydrates skin very well. You will feel smooth and baby soft skin. You will feel instant glow and freshness. It also plumped up your skin. I can’t say much about smoothen fine lines as it is directed to use consistently for good results to appear. Theses works equally for all skin types. Especially if you have dry skin then these masks really help you out.

I really like these facial sheet masks. For the price these are quite a good deal to buy. Now I want to collect more of these to have some back up.

Overall I didn’t find any difference in all of these 4. All 4 works equally good for my skin.

Price & Net Weight

2 for Rs 249

0.88oz./ 25 g

I will recommend these miniso facial sheet masks to every girl. You will never get this quality sheet mask at this price and on this deal. So what are you waiting for, go and grab your sheet masks now but please leave some for me as well😉😉.

Do let me know if you tried any sheet mask from miniso. What are your thoughts? Do recommend me some of your favorites. Would love to get your feedback.

4 thoughts on “Miniso Moisturizing Facial Masks: Review

  1. Mahnoor saeed says:

    Hey can u tell me the time period or tge interval to apply 2nd mask after 1st one. Also can we use them regularly or once or twice a week. Plz guide.


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