Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses: Review & Try On Look

Colored circle lenses give a new look to an eye. Most of us like a change in our look which can easily acquired by applying colored lenses. Today I will be reviewing Pinky Paradise circle lenses. It is a largest circle lens store and have over 900 styles of circle lenses. They have an ongoing program called crazy random where they do send two different lenses from two different brands. So the theme of this program is to introduce their customers with different brands in price of one. They sent me two different lens from from that program. The one I got is from princess pinky which are yearly disposable lenses and other one is eyenif which are daily disposable. They deals in prescription lenses as well.

pinky paradise circle lens

My Experience

pinky paradise circle lens

Two Different Lenses & Case

My package includes two different lenses and some other stuff which you can check on my instagram. Package is securely packed. You will get free cute lens case with every purchase. I find this site very useful which deals in a range of different brand lenses from prescription to zero power lenses.

Princess Pinky In Cloudy Green
pinky paradise circle lens

Princess Pinky Lens

As the name suggest it is a green lens. This is a shade which in my opinion will compliment every one. It did not give over exaggerated kind of look to me. It has a very soft natural shade. It will give new life to your eye. This lens is so easy to apply, if you are a beginner go for these. I have very sensitive eyes but it did not irritated my eye and feels light. This is super comfortable, after sometime when it did set, I forgot that I am wearing any lens. These are yearly disposable lenses. You can wear it for 8 hours without any discomfort ( which is a suggested wearable time for any kind of lenses). I really loved this one and will definitely buy from this brand in future.

pinky paradise circle lens

Princess Pinky Lens In Cloudy Green

Eyenif In Gray
pinky paradise circle lens

Eyenif Lens

This is a gray color lens as you can see in photo. This actually comes in a daily wear package. It is also a good shade but I like the green one more on my eyes. These are not as natural as princess pinky, so you can wear this on special occasions and on parties. I felt that these are not much comfortable like first one. These are not uncomfortable either but you feel that you are wearing something if it is making any sense. It didn’t irritated my eyes. This one also can be wear for up to 8 hours without any irritation.

pinky paradise circle lens

Eyenif Lens In Gray

Both the lenses did fit well on my eye balls and never moved a little.

Would I Recommend

I would definitely recommend these lenses, especially princess pinky. You will surely happy with your purchase. If you are new to lenses then buy these quality lenses because eyes are the most delicate part of our body so never take a risk. You can also choose from other brands as well. Most of the time you will find sales and different deals on their website.

Where to order?

You can order yours here.

Hope you find this post helpful. Do let me know If you ever tried lenses from pinky paradise? If yes, then which one is your favorite. Will you want to buy from them? Would really appreciate your feedback.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

2 thoughts on “Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses: Review & Try On Look

  1. iheartcontacts says:

    Wonderfully Explained!! Colored contacts give a different look to the eyes. Various shades are available of contact lenses. But the choice depends on the skin tone and hair color. Because the right choice will give a charming look to your eyes. As you explained above, I think pinky contacts are the best. Keep Posting.

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