Freeman Exfoliating Diamond Mineral Clay Mask+Scrub: Review

No one is unaware of Freeman’s masks right? This company has a wide range of masks from which you can choose according to your skin. I really loved the concept of 2 in 1 product like mask and scrub together. Today I will be reviewing Freeman Exfoliating Diamond Mineral Clay Mask+Scrub.

freeman mask+scrub


freeman mask+scrub

Packaging Of Freeman Mask+Scrub

It has an ordinary packaging like other masks. This mask comes in a plastic tube with a click lid. Sometimes lid may get loose but still can close and secure the product. I have no complains with the packaging.


freeman mask+scrub

Ingredients Of Freeman Mask+Scrub

Brand Claims

Dazzling diamond dust glistens and polishes away dullness to reveal multi-faceted radiance. This unique clay mask and gentle scrub with antioxidant sparkleberry clarifies skin for a lasting, glowing finish. Perfect for all skin types.

My Thoughts

It is suggested that use this clay mask+scrub thrice a week or as often as needed but it is a scrub as well so I use this once a week only. I do not want my skin to get irritate that’s why I always use any scrub once a week which I told you in my other post as well and I will suggest you that use physical exfoliators once a week. It is a white color mask with tiny grains which are not harsh if you scrub gently. It is not like other clay masks which have thick consistency, it is more like a scrub. I apply it on my damp face as suggested on it and spread a layer on my face. Leave it for 7 to 10 minutes. Then start massaging gently in circular motions for about 1 minute with wet fingers to avoid friction. Then rinse it off with tap water. It has a soothing effect, so it  works pretty well in summers. It instantly leaves my skin clean and glowy. You will get smooth skin. It removes all the dullness from your face and makes your skin fresh. It doesn’t makes my skin stretchy or irritated afterwards. It has an instant results which are not long lasting but still I like it as it works best if you have any function to attend.

freeman mask+scrub

Consistency Of Freeman Mask+Scrub

It has a very berry-ish fruity kind of fragrance. May be sparkleberry has a same smell but it has an artificial fragrance as you can see in ingredients. I like my products to smell good so I do not mind it but if you are sensitive to fragrances then this might irritates you. Only the thing which annoys me is that it contains a small chunks off glitter which cannot be vanish away after washing face. I never used any skincare product like this before which contains glitter in it. Otherwise I really like this mask.

You can use it alone or also with complete skincare routine. It works equally good in both ways.

Price & Availability

375 PKR and it is widely available on all super stores nationwide.


6 fl. oz./ 175 ml

Would I recommend

I would surely recommend this to all. You can pick according to your skin type and you will see results instantly.

Hope you find this post helpful. Do let me know if you ever tried Freeman’s masks? Which is your favorite one? I would love to try more. Give your feedback in the comment section below.

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