My Night Time Skincare Routine


This is the most requested post for quite long but finally today is the day. Actually I recently changed my night time skincare routine little bit

night time skincare

but after reviewing cleansing brush last week I got alot of messages on instagram to share my skincare but it is too early to talk on my recent skincare so I decided to post earlier one.

So here is my step by step night time skincare routine.


night time skincareI start my night time skincare routine with cleansing. I am using creightons pink grapefruit micellar water for cleansing. I put few drops on cotton pad and wipe it on my face to remove all the impurities. It has a sweet smell which I like. It removes makeup, oil and dirt without drying your skin.


night time skincareFor exfoliation I use vince radiance peeling mozaic ( click here for review) once a week and when I use this I do skip cleansing as this one does both the jobs well. I also use nspa facial cleansing brush ( click here for review) for exfoliation once in a two weeks when I feel my skin really needs good amount of exfoliation to remove all the gunk out from pores.


night time skincareNow after exfoliation next step is masking. I use creightons jojoba oil & vitamin E face mask once a week. I have been using this mask from the start of this winter season and it really hydrates my skin. For complete review click here.


night time skincareFor toning I am using vince pore tightening toner for about 7 months now and loving it. I pump 2 drops of it on cotton sheet and dab it on entire face leaving eye area. It gives me fresh feeling and tighten up my pores. For detailed review click here.


night time skincareAfter toning I use this miniso hyaluronic acid essence toner. It is named as essence toner which I believe is more towards essence side because its consistency is little bit thick. I pour a generous amount of it on my palm and apply it all over my face, massage till the half of the product absorbs. It does hydrate my skin really well.


night time skincareNow I layer this vince moisturizing face and body lotion on left over essence so that essence helps to absorbs the lotion inside the skin and fully hydrates. As I have an oily skin so I always prefer lotion over cream. This lotion is not greasy and moisturizes my face well both in winters and summers.

Eye serum

night time skincareThen I apply vince hydrating eye recovery serum all over my eye area with my limb finger, massage it little, dab and done. This is a very light non sticky serum and absorbs into the skin in no time. It hydrates under eye area but not work well for fine lines under eyes.

Spot Treatment

night time skincareThen I apply tea tree essential oil on my active pimple with a clean finger in a dabbing motion. It dries pimple in 3 to 4 days depending on the nature of pimple.

Lip balm

night time skincareFor lips I am using carmex moisturizing lip balm and I am in love love with this balm. This absorbs into lips so well and keeps lips hydrated for good amount of time. You do not need to apply it again and again.

This is how I end up my skincare routine. So its all for today. Hope you will like this post. Do let me know about your skincare routine? Which is your favorite part in your skincare routine?

11 thoughts on “My Night Time Skincare Routine

  1. #FASHALIA 101 - The Digital Glossy Mag says:

    Wow! Amazing post! Interesting to see everyone’s skincare favourites. At night I take my make up off with a Face Halo, then use a Cien Refreshing Facial Wash. Twice a week I use Your Good Skin Purifying Clay Mask and I also use Your Good Skin Pro Vitamin Overnight Cream at night. I have also discovered recently Your Good Skin Cica Repair Sleep Balm that is a current cult beauty must have. For lip balm I love Dr. Paw Paw’s multi use balms; the original and peach pink are my faves and I have a tube in every handbag!

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