Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette: Review & Swatches

I am not a fan of pressed glitter because playing with those is quite messy but from past 2 years no eye look is complete without using glitters and who do not love bling.

beauty glazed pressed glitter

Beauty glazed offers very affordable eyeshadow and glitter palettes. Today I will be talking about Beauty Glazed pressed glitter palette.


beauty glazed pressed glitter

Inner Side Of Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette

These beauty glazed pressed glitter palette comes in a black hard cardboard packaging with 15 pans in total. Inner side base is in glittery gold color. All the other details are mentioned at the backside of the packaging. Lid has a magnet opening which shut and open smoothly.

beauty glazed pressed glitter

Packaging Of Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette

beauty glazed pressed glitter

Backside Of Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette

My thoughts

This was my first ever glitter palette purchase. So I was so excited to try this. This palette was not came with a glue because the thought is to use these without glue.

beauty glazed pressed glitter

A Closer Look Of Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette

As this beauty glazed glitter palette consists of 15 shades in total which is a mix of bright and soft glitters. These glitters are quite chunky and some of these are patchy as well. You need to work on it to cover your eyelid. You can use these glitters without glue but after two hours approximately these glitter starts falling out. I tried these using with nyx glitter glue then these lasts quite long. If you are a beginner then its hard for you to work with it.

beauty glazed pressed glitter

Swatches Of Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitters

I do not like this glitter palette because of chunky glitters. I will appreciate it if these chunks are small.

Net Weight

15×1g/ 15×0.035 oz


1400 PKR

Would I recommend?

I would not recommend this beauty glazed pressed glitter palette. You will find more good options that are locally available.

I hope you will find this review helpful. Do let me know about your thoughts on it, if you tried this glitter palette? Which glitters are your favorite ones?

10 thoughts on “Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette: Review & Swatches

  1. Anastasia says:

    They look so incredibly pretty! I do not wear glitter but love staring at it xD Sucks that it didn’t work out for you, but these reviews are very useful because people like me would buy this just because it looks gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

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