How To Smell Good In Summer

Who doesn’t want to smell good all day long? Yes definitely we all do, especially in summers. As summer is all about sweat and odour.

how to smell good in summer

Sometimes you find it hard to keep yourself fresh. Today I will be sharing some easy ways to keep body odour at bay and feel fresh all day long.

apply Deodorant after shower

First most important point is to maintain your personal hygiene. Do take shower everyday to wash all the dirt out from your body. After taking shower do not forget to apply your favorite deodorant because this will stick on your damp skin and will be responsible to keep you away from body odour and controls perspiration. You can also use alum as a deodorant.

how to smell good in summer

Use of Body Spray

Now after using deodorant next step is to use your favorite long lasting body spray. It is a common misconception that using body spray alone will control perspiration but infact body sprays and perfumes are only provides you fragrance. You need to use body spray on your body like armpits, frontal and back body.

how to smell good in summer

Use Moisture before applying fragrance

Fragrances works best on moisturized skin as dry skin is not a good situation for perfume/ mist to stay long. Best option is to use fragrance right after taking shower but you can also manage without taking shower. You need to apply good moisturizer on your skin first where you need to apply your perfume.

how to smell good in summer

Apply Perfume/ Mist

Perfumes or mists stay quite long when you apply it on your pressure points like on your wrist, behind ears, neck, elbow and behind your knees. These points emit heat and hold the fragrance for long. Always remember when you apply mist on your wrist do not rub both the wrist together as it will kill the fragrance, you just need to dab a bit and you are good to go.

how to smell good in summer

Keep Perfume Samples in your bag

You should have to keep perfumes samples in your bag so you can reapply and feel fresh. You can also keep pocket perfumes in your bag as choice is yours. I like to keep samples in my bag.

how to smell good in summer

In the end I want to tell you that do not apply perfume/ mist/ body spray onto your sweaty skin as it will make the situation worse. You just need to reapply fragrance onto your wrist and neck.

I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post then do press like option. Write down below your favorite perfume/ mist or body spray, may I will find something new for me.

7 thoughts on “How To Smell Good In Summer

  1. SimpleSerenity says:

    I always keep small bottle of my favorite fragrance with me in bag that I’m taking. It’s so important to have it on hand, because we all need to smell fresh. I also take travel size of deodorant with me and wet wipes so I can always feel fresh. Lovely post. xx

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