How To Make A Flawless Base

Today I will be sharing how to get a flawless base. Before starting, I want to tell you that your skin need to be scrubbed, cleaned and moisturized which you all know well.

how to make a flawless base

If you want to know about my complete skincare post then click here where I’ve previously shared how frequently you need to scrub your face.

Prep your skin

how to make a flawless base

The most important and basic step for flawless base is to prep your skin which means you need to apply primer according to your skin concerns. There are a lot of primers of different companies are available in the market, all you need to know about your skin issues. Basically primer fills up the pores and smooth up your skin texture to make your foundation last long. I’ve already shared review on this elf mineral infused face primer, if you are interested to know how it works then click here.

Correct Your Skin

how to make a flawless base

After applying primer you need to color correct your face which means hiding all the discoloration. As we all get blemishes, spots and dark circles that is why we need to correct it before using concealer. There are different color correctors available from which you can choose according to your skin concerns. All you need to do is apply little amount of color corrector on discoloration/ spots and dab to spread the product. Click here if you want to know more about L.A girl green color corrector and here for orange color corrector.

Apply Your Foundation

how to make a flawless base

Next step of getting flawless base is your foundation. Pick foundation according to your skin type and skin tone. Never pick foundation shade too light from your skin tone as it will make you look grey or too dark from your tone as it will oxidize and will give you a muddy look. Always pick your foundation 2 tones lighter than your skin ( which is not that easy I know girl, I can feel your pain) because most of the foundations does oxidize. All you need to do is apply your foundation on your face (leaving under eye area) and neck. Tool for applying foundation depends on your skin type and your choice like which kind of coverage do you want. Will make a different post on this soon. If you want to know about Masarrat Misbah silk foundation click here.

Conceal blemishes/ dark circles and highlight

how to make a flawless base

Next step is to conceal your color corrected area which is a final step of getting even skin tone. Apply a one tone darker ( from your skin tone) shade concealer onto your dark circles where you did not applied your foundation because layering your under eye area will crease and make your fine lines visible. These Maybelline fit me concealers are my holy grail, I have these in shade 25 and 15. Now you have to highlight your high points of face with a 2 or 3 tones lighter concealer. Apply your highlighting concealer onto middle of your forehead, under eyes, bridge of your nose and cupids bow.

Set/ bake your skin

how to make a flawless base

Lastly you need to set your base with a loose powder. Loose powder will make your foundation sit properly and if you want to make your foundation last long then you need to bake your face which will prevent your base from cracking or creasing.

I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you enjoyed then do like this post. Write down below your important base products.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Flawless Base

  1. SimpleSerenity says:

    I became so obsessed with primers lately, I can’t do my makeup without using a primer. It’s such an important part of my makeup routine. I used to never use primer, but now I see how important it is to make makeup last longer and look better on top of the skin. Lovely post, super helpful. xx

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