My Hair Care Routine

I still remember when my mother forcefully do my hair care and I was not interested in oiling as well as conditioning but now when I am mature enough, I do know the importance of hair care.

hair care routine

If I talk about few years back till then I was not into hair care. Now I do take care of my hair regularly. Let’s check what products do I use for my hair.

Hair Type: I have thick straight hair in childhood but now with less care may be I have slightly wavy hair. I have an oily scalp in winters but otherwise normal.


I always thought that mustard oil is best for my hair but recently on my cousin’s suggestion I try coconut oil once or twice a week depending on the hair situation and coconut oil really makes my hair soft and smooth so that I cannot resist to touch repeatedly (no exaggeration). Really forgot to click photo of my oil.


As I have color treated hair that is why I use Tresemme’ Color Revitalize Shampoo. I really like tresemme’ shampoos and conditioners but I do try to switch between different shampoos as advised by experts. I wash my hair thrice a week not more than that. I do focus on my scalp cleaning and do not rub shampoo all over my hair.

hair care routine


I do use Tresemme’ Color Revitalize Conditioner after shampooing my hair from mid length to end, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse of with water. This conditioner makes my hair soft and easy to manage. I already reviewed Tresemme’ cleanse & replenish conditioner which you can check here.

hair care routine

Hair Mask

I use Dove Hair Therapy Color Repair Mask once a week like a conditioner and skip the conditioner at that time. It makes my hair smooth. I bought this for hair shine but it does not provide any shine.

hair care routine

light Hair Oil

I do use Ogx Argan Oil Of Morroco after conditioning when my hair are towel dry but wet. I just take tiny amount of this oil on my palm rub it and apply it to the middle length of my hair leaving scalp as I can’t stand oil in my hair after washing. This oil provides shine to my hair and protect from heat damage.

hair care routine


I have 2 serums in my collection right now (because I am extra) one is Livon Serum and other is John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum. I do not use both of these at the same time. I apply livon serum when I do oil massage to detangle my hair and otherwise John frieda one. Livon serum detangles hair really well and John frieda smoothes out well. I do not follow any proper step sometimes I apply serum on damp hair after argan oil or sometimes right after bathing.

hair care routine

hair care routine

Hydrating mist

I end up my hair care by using Ogx Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist which is an extra step but I feel it provides hydration all day long.

hair care routine

Heat protectant Spray

Lastly I never skip heat protectant spray before using flat iron as I love sleek straight hair. I do not iron my hair everyday but still I know I heat up my hair frequently that is why heat protection is important. Now a days I am using Tresemme’ Heat Defence Spray I actually do not find any difference but I believe it do protect my hair.

hair care routine

I hope you liked this post and it will be helpful for you. Do right down below your go to hair care products. Do suggest me a product for hair shine. Would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine

  1. Britt K says:

    You’ve got some great suggestions here. I try to limit myself to shampooing my hair once a week, sticking with ‘co-washing’ for the rest of the time. I find it really helps to maintain my colour.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anna Aurora says:

    O wow that’s a lot of steps!I usually just use shampoo and conditioner for colour hair(right now trying the function of beauty ones) and then if my hair feels not moisturized enough I use a leave in conditioner. Great post!๐Ÿ’•I really enjoyed reading it ๐Ÿ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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