Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Self-Preserving; Review

Today I am here to share with you the review of most hyped product by Lush Mask Of Magnaminty. Lush is a brand which no one is unaware about. It is famous for it’s natural handmade skincare, hair care and cosmetics. I really want to try this mask for quite long and finally got my hands on it.

lush mask of magnaminty

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty


Honey, Kaolin, Bentone Gel (Hectorite), Talc, Glycerine, Ground Organic Aduki Beans (Phaseolusangularis), evening primrose Seeds (Oenothera biennis), Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita), Tagetes Oil (Tagetes minuta), Vanilla Absolute (Vanill planifolia), Limonene, Perfume, Chlorophyllin (CI 75810)

lush mask of magnaminty

Ingredients Of Lush Mask Of Magnaminty

my thoughts

This mask comes in a strong recycled plastic jar. It is available in 3 different sizes and I got  the medium one. This is a thick clay mask with aduki beans so it is mask and exfoliator at the same time. It has a strong minty peppermint kind of a fragrance which I really like. It may irritate you if you are sensitive to such kind of fragrance.

lush mask of magnaminty

Of Lush Mask Of Magnaminty

I do use this mask once a week with my other weekly skincare routine which I already shared here ( from which I replaced mask and exfoliator with this mask). I do apply this mask on makeup free skin for about 10 minutes maximum as you do not wait for clay mask to dry 100%. It gives the skin cooling effect. After 10 minutes I rinse it off without rubbing it on my face. This mask cleanse your skin very well without stripping it. If you are following me for long then you must know I have an oily skin. I will not say that it helped my skin in oil control which is not mentioned in the description as well but it does deep cleanse my skin so well. It leaves my skin soft and fresh. You may not find immediate results but with regular use you will see a difference in your skin.

lush mask of magnaminty

Texture Of Lush Mask Of Magnaminty

It really helps to treat pimples. It does calm the redness as well. Overall it is a good product and I liked it.

net weight

315 g



would i recommend it?

I will definitely recommend this mask especially if you have an oily and acne prone skin. I am not sure about other skin types but as the ingredients are not harsh so it may suits to all skin types.

Do let me know about your thoughts on this mask of magnaminty if you have tried it? Do comment down below about your favorite products from lush? 


3 thoughts on “Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Self-Preserving; Review

  1. SimpleSerenity says:

    I tried sample of this mask actually, because I wasn’t sure would I enjoy it for the price, because here Lush is super expensive. I liked it, but it wasn’t worth the heavy price tag for me. But I love Lush sea sat scrub, that one is so nice. I need to repurchase it soon. Lovely, detailed review dear. xx

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