Review: Saeed Ghani Beauty Products

saeed ghani products

I heard good things about saeed ghani skincare products but never tried it. Few months back I found saeed ghani skin care line in a nearby grocery store so I picked one mud mask and two face washes.

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how to pedicure at home

Hi girls

hope you are having great time. As eid is near so now we need to fasten our seatbelts for preparation flight. Today it’s a time for post 3 of the series BEAUTY AT HOME. Most of the time we give alot of care to our hair and face but ignore our feet which does add negative impact to our personality. So now on this eid we will give our time and special treatment to the feet as well.

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Review: Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub

Hey beauties

hope you are doing well. Today I will review Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub. As every girl take good care of her skin to get healthy skin in same way we cannot ignore our feet as they bear our whole body weight. If we have baby soft skin but cracked feet you can imagine how bad it looks. So the crux of the subject is that we need to take good care of our feet as well. Its not possible for every single girl/lady to visit salon on monthly basis. So here is a product to get your pedicure at home. Continue reading

DIY: How To Get Soft And Silky Lips

Hey dreamers!

As we all know winters is finally started after such a long delay in most parts of country and where we enjoy winters with all the warm stuff and delicious hot food, it  also takes a lot of dryness for us. In return we get dry face, hands and feet mostly. So we all experienced chapped lips in winters. Because air in the winter is dry which makes our whole body dry but lips are more Continue reading