Review: Saeed Ghani Beauty Products

I heard good things about saeed ghani skincare products but never tried it. Few months back I found saeed ghani skin care line in a nearby grocery store so I picked one mud mask and two face washes.

saeed ghani products

I need a mud mask for quite long because I knew that it would be a good pick for summers. I wanted to try few more things from this line but after using these. Today I will be giving my thoughts about these few products:

  • Goat milk face wash
  • With kheera( cucumber) face wash
  • Mud mask


saeed ghani products

Packaging Of Saeed Ghani Beauty Products

Face washes comes in a medium size squeezable tube with a plastic click lid, which makes it easy to get the product. Whereas mud mask comes in a sleeve in which plastic tub is present. Mask inside the tub is secured with plastic cover. All the ingredients and directions are available on every product.

Goat milk face wash

Brand claims

Amazing properties of goat’s milk gives a gentle and non-abrasive cleansing of the skin.

My views
saeed ghani products

Goat Milk Face Wash

This face wash is formulated for delicate and sensitive skin. I do not have sensitive skin generally but goat milk sounds good that’s why I bought it. This face wash is in off white color with a normal consistency like other face washes have. You just need a little water to make leather but it doesn’t make too much leather. It has a strong artificial smell which I don’t like. It removes dirt from your face without drying which I really like. You will get soft clean face after washing. So agreed with the claim. I don’t know these face washes comes in bigger size too but for the price, quantity and quality is good.

saeed ghani products

Consistency Of Goat Milk Face Wash

Overall it’s a good face wash.

Quantity & Price

Net vol. 60 ml

Rs 75

With kheera(Cucumber) face wash

Brand claims

Specially formulated to ensure long lasting oil control and to remove dirt and impurities.

My views
saeed ghani products

With Kheera Face Wash

This face wash is green in color and it has a gel like runny consistency. Firstly I used this in spring, at that time it stripped all the oil from my face and made my skin dry. I felt stretched skin after washing my face. You just need a little amount for washing your face. It doesn’t make much leather but removes dirt properly. It also has an artificial smell which is not overpowering. You have to be very careful while squeezing it because it will spill out quickly. This will not be suitable for dry skin.

saeed ghani products

Consistency Of With Kheera Face Wash

It is only good for summers if you have oily skin.

Quantity & Price

Net vol. 60 ml

Rs 75

Mud mask


Soothe and soften skin (for all skin types).

My views
saeed ghani products

Mud Mask

In recent years I used a really good mud mask which my mother bought for me but never found that mask again in my life. When I found this one I had high hopes for this. It is a big fat tub at very affordable price. It has a thick consistency like other mud masks have. I first used it as a mask 1 or 2 times a week and after 10 mins I washed it off with a tap water but it is directed on label that use it twice daily, massage in a circular motion. Then I tried using it once in a 2 days, applied thoroughly on face for few minutes then with wet fingers massage gently for sometime and washed off. After few minutes of applying I always feel mild burning sensation but it doesn’t harm my skin. It has a very strong talcum powder like fragrance which is quite annoying. It has a little brightening effect. It is suggested by company to use on rough and dry skin.

I didn’t like this mask at all.


Quantity not mentioned.

Rs 250

Now I am on no buy from saeed ghani skin care line. I wanted to try it’s aloe vera gel but high quantity of alcohol in that made me stop myself and now after mud mask experience I will never buy it.

I will recommend goat face wash for every skin type because I never find this quality face wash at this price. If you want oil control face wash then kheera face wash will work for you in summers only. But I will not recommend mud mask to any of you. I find nothing good in it. So stay away from this mask.

Hope you liked this review and if you do then comment down below. Are you a user of saeed ghani products? If yes, then what are your thoughts about it. Would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Review: Saeed Ghani Beauty Products

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Good to know! I often get disappointed with store bought. I do find a good one once in a while. I tend to just make my own. I too don’t want alcohol in my products. I’m still looking for a great aloe gel. Thank you for sharing your review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • makeupdreamerblog says:

      Yes it’s actually hit or miss kind of situation like any product. Finding organic aloe gel is quite hard because I always find aloe vera gel with harsh ingredients. Hope for the best to find authentic one. Thanks for stopping by❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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