Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation In Shade Cream: Review & Swatches

masarrat misbah silk foundation

Today I will be reviewing the most raved product from Masarrat Misbah Makeup line. This is not a new thing for anyone as this was the most talked beauty product since its launch. Yes I am talking about MMM Silk Foundation. This range has 13 shades in total which is according to the Pakistani skin tones. The foundation categorize with shade names only.

Product description

This weightless liquid formula tunes in to your skin’s need, controlling oil where there is shine and moisturizing where it’s patchy for a long wearing balanced look with true coverage.


The foundation bottle comes in a black cardboard package like other MMM products. It has a sturdy matte transparent glass bottle with clear dim grey cap and a black matte pump which makes it so easy to pump up the desired amount. Shade is written on front of the cardboard package and bottom of the bottle.

masarrat misbah silk foundation

Packaging of Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation- Cream

​My experience

I waited a lot for this beauty as it is always out of stock. I checked it in many places but answer was always new stock yet to come cut the long story short finally this year probably after such endeavours of mine lol when I got to know that new stock is out I went to store next day to grab my bottle of love. I got shade cream.

Masarrat misbah silk foundation has a lightweight formula with thick consistency which means it feels light on skin but thick to hide your imperfections. It dries quickly so you have to be fast while blending like I pumped out on back of my hand and apply it with my fingers on face in parts so that I can cover one specific area and then move further. It sets on the skin smoothly and does not gives you cake-y look. It has a thick consistency so do not layer it up. It gives you the smooth look. It has light to medium coverage. It does hide imperfections but not completely for this you have to use concealer for flawless base. It has a very dull smell which does not bother me. I heard that this time formula is bit changed but i did not use previous one so cannot say much about it.

I have an oily skin so I do set it with pressed powder but if you have extremely dry skin so I suggest do moisturize before and skip powder. It lasts on me for 7 to 8 hours approximately (without creasing) in scorching heat of summers in Pakistan and I have to use blotted papers or tissues to absorbs oil from my face. Once it settled on to your skin then it will not move and sticks to your skin which is the best part.

I do not agree much with the claim that it controls oil because I have much oily skin but it does not bother me alot as i can set it with thin tissue which works as a blotted paper which makes me completely matte.

The thing I loved about this foundation is that it feels matte but gives you a very natural glowy satiny finished look if it makes sense.

It does oxidized on me as I have an oily skin so you have to choose your shade wisely which is the world most difficult task I know. If you feel more difficulty in choosing your shade so pick the three shades which you feel will suits you and then pick the medium shade from your selection. Do remember do not choose either very light shade from your skin tone or very darker one pick the medium shade and  stay in between this is what I suggest according to my experience.

Basically I love this foundation a lot, it does meet my expectations and hope it will never get out of stock  😉

masarrat misbah silk foundation

Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation- Cream

masarrat misbah silk foundation

Blob Of Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation In Shade Cream on Wrist

masarrat misbah silk foundation

Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation in Shade Cream on Wrist (blended)


35 g 1.23 OZ

Price & Availability

It retails for 1450 pkr and widely available in scentsation and depilex or you can order here.


  • blendable
  • light weight
  • creamy consistency
  • matte but looks glowy
  • long lasting
  • affordable
  • gives smooth look
  • little quantity is required


  • does not controls oil
  • does oxidized

If your foundation does not stay on you for long or you sweat alot then this foundation is for you. I will recommend this foundation to all because I entirely love it. What are you waiting for go and get it ( you will fall in love with it). Do let me know about your experience with this foundation if you used it? Do you want to try it?

26 thoughts on “Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation In Shade Cream: Review & Swatches

  1. TheCuratedLab says:

    I have used compact foundations in the past that oxidised on me and made me look bit orange, weird!
    This foundation seems to give a natural seamless finish though. I love when they feel matte yet give a healthy look to the face💗💗

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