Remove Excessive Face Oil With Two Ingredients: DIY

face mask

Hey all🙋

How are you? After a long delay here is an effective remedy to help you. Summers always comes up with more oil for oily skin and we all know the struggle when there is any occasion. So now eid is on its way and we have to prepare our skin to celebrate this precious occasion happily.

I always prefer natural remedies to cure skin problems to avoid side effects but by this I am not saying that those products are harmful. There are many good skin care products available in market but not every girl have access to all those products so its easy to take ingredients from your kitchen and start treating your skin.

You need

Egg white                                    1

Lemon juice                               1 tsp

How To Apply

First of all  separate egg white in a bowl then whip it for sometime and add lemon juice in it. Now mix it well then apply onto your face( leaving eye and mouth area) with brush or finger but preferably with brush because application with it is more easy. Now just lay down and relax. Leave it onto your face for about 10 minutes or until its dries off completely. Now wash it off with tap water. Immediately you will feel tight, soft, fresh skin and all the excessive oil vanish off.

face mask

Egg White and Lemon Juice Mixture

The mixture is quite enough in quantity so try to apply left over on your arms and hands to avoid wastage.😊

Use this remedy when you feel excessive oil on your skin but once in a two weeks because you know excess of anything is bad.

Use this remedy one day before eid so the results will last long and you can enjoy yourself. Always remember that there are sebaceous glands in oily skin which are responsible for making oil so you cannot stop them from working but all you can do is soak oil with remedies.

Egg White:  tightens up your skin and dries out blemishes as well

Lemon Juice: dries out skin


  • Always remember that do not apply lemon juice directly on to your face because its acidic in nature so it may cause itchiness or irritation. So always dilute it with other ingredients
  • Do not talk or smile while having this mixture on your face it may cause wrinkles because your skin will totally  stretched at that time


Do try this and let me know about your experience in the comment section below. What is your favorite remedy to treat face oil?

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