Review: Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub

foot scrub

Hey beauties

hope you are doing well. Today I will review Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub. As every girl take good care of her skin to get healthy skin in same way we cannot ignore our feet as they bear our whole body weight. If we have baby soft skin but cracked feet you can imagine how bad it looks. So the crux of the subject is that we need to take good care of our feet as well. Its not possible for every single girl/lady to visit salon on monthly basis. So here is a product to get your pedicure at home.


This extra-gritty foot scrub removes stubborn, dry, dead skin to reveal a baby soft healthy layer. It also helps remove corn and callus buildup. Natural botanicals have been used to moisturize, condition, and leave your feet clean, refreshed, smooth, and silky soft.


After using soak, apply to damp feet with circular motion for several minutes, spending extra time on problem areas. Rinse thoroughly And follow with foot massage lotion.

How I Use It

First of all I soaked my feet in warm water ( medium temperature which your skin can bear) in which salt and some mild hand/ body wash was added. I soaked for about 45 mins depending on your feet condition. Let me tell you here that I do not have hard problematic heels. After that I applied decent amount of product on a damp foot and massage in circular motion till the product completely dissolved and disappeared. Then I rubbed foot scraper on heels to removes dead skin deeply and then rinsed off thoroughly. After that I applied petroleum jelly, foot cream or any lotion (personal preference) and put on socks if its winter and in summers I do apply light layer of lotion at night only.

My Thoughts About it

I actually love this product a lot. It leaves skin baby soft. Just need little effort and time which in return gives you silky soft skin in a dirt cheap price. We cannot pay higher amount to beauty salons weekly or monthly basis so I think this is a good alternative to that. Secondly it has a good amount of product which lasts long.

It has a mentholated kind of fragrance which is refreshing for me as I like menthol smell. But if you are sensitive with this kind of smell it may irritate you. It has a very nice current blue kind of color in which high amount of granules are present which is responsible for scrubbing. When you pouring it out the product feels like it contain sugar granules but actually it has a pumice granules. It also gives soothing effect to skin after some massage.

I totally agreed what brand claims as it does remove stubborn skin and leaves healthy, smooth and refreshed skin. Cannot say anything about that it prevents corn and callus buildup as I am not experiencing any of these problems.

Use it according to your feet condition. I am so lazy thats why I use it once in a two months or when I feel the need of it 😉

Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub

foot scrub

Closer View Of Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub


350 PKR

Available locally in drug stores or departmental stores.

Do give your feedback and tell me about your foot care routine. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

Stay happy & healthy. 


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