Nspa Facial Cleansing Brush: Review

Cleansing brushes got very famous from past few years and everyone was talking about these brushes. Today I am here to talk about nspa facial cleansing brush. Nspa is a brand available in asda UK.

Products Description

Nspa expert brings you the latest skincare innovation to enhance the benefits of your daily cleansing routine. The light-weight hand held nspa expert cleansing brush has a dual speed rotation for daily pore-refining cleansing to effectively remove light make-up, pollution and skin impurities. Includes 2x AA Batteries.


facial cleansing brush

Packaging Of Nspa Facial Cleansing Brush

This Nspa cleansing brush comes in a light cardboard box with a clear front and all the details and instructions are present at the back. Package includes:

  • 2 brush heads
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 hand device
facial cleansing brush

Inner Packaging Of Nspa Facial Cleansing Brush

facial cleansing brush

Backside Of The Box of Nspa Facial Cleansing Brush

My Views

I am never into cleansing brushes before this. So I was really excited to try this. This nspa cleansing brush have two settings ( low speed & high speed). I use it once a week or once in a two weeks depending on my skin condition. I use it with my complete skincare routine which I will be sharing soon. I use this brush with my daily cleanser which I keep on changing. I use it for exfoliation only but you can also use it for removing your makeup. I use it on a damp face in circular motion with very light hand for about 1 minute only and then remove all the residue with water.

facial cleansing brush

Nspa Cleansing Brush With Its Accessories

If you are using facial cleansing brush for the first time you will feel little bit irritation so it is suggested by the company that use it for 30 to 1 minute and never exceed this limit. I would suggest you to start with minimum time like 15 to 20 seconds on whole face and then increase this to 1 minute after few sessions. Do not ever press it hard on your skin.

facial cleansing brush

Speed Button Of Nspa Facial Cleansing Brush

Bristles of this nspa cleansing brush are not hard but not soft it lies in between. It does exfoliate your skin as well as deep cleanse to pick all the dirt out from pores. It does removes the gunk in pores for about 75 %. Right after it you will see little bit of redness but when you wake up in the morning you will get up with clean dirt free skin visibly. It is not too gentle on face. I like it more if bristles of the brush are on softer side. Always remember over scrubbing or exfoliating will harm your skin, so exfoliation once a week is enough.

Overall it is a good cleansing brush but not the best one. It does the job well and I still enjoy using it.



Would I recommend?

If you have sensitive or irritated skin I won’t recommend it to you but If you have an oily, normal or combination skin then this will be a good friend of yours at this reasonable price. If you are a girl who cannot follow long skincare routine then do get this and follow simple routine exfoliate, tone and moisturise, you will see a difference.

Hope you will find this review helpful. Do let me know about your cleansing brush or any other exfoliator? Is that really helping you? Do write down below and I would love to engage with you.

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